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It is a secret that can turn you into one of the greatest flirts around.David De Angelo is an alias from his real name Eben Pagan.David De Angelo is a dating advice coach and author of the popular dating e Book Double Your Dating.David was originally a real estate and mortgage broker in San Diego.and you just decided that it would be easier to walk away than try to overcome your fear? You could feel that you were out of control of yourself and the situation, and you could feel that you were the one who was screwing things up… when they have problems that can never be solved with techniques. It also won’t get rid of your fear of getting rejected. Above all, learning a few “lines” and “tricks” won’t help you escape your crippling lack of confidence and self-esteem. But the good news, as you master the inner demons like fear, anxiety, insecurity, and unpredictable emotions, you’ll see that your “outside” success with women and dating will improve BY ITSELF. that once you start improving your Inner Game, women will start to respond more positively automatically.

This mindset is often referred to as our “inner game”, and it really extends to the bigger picture of being confident and successful in life generally.

There were so many guide books and dating products that I bought and studied, but they were all confusing.

There were guides that taught me things like ‘you should never say to a woman she’s beautiful’, and there were guides that taught me the opposite.

Tell me something: Have you ever screwed up an important situation with a woman? but gotten so nervous and uptight that you fumbled over your words… Have you ever been in a relationship with a wonderful woman…

Have you ever been talking to a woman you felt attracted to…

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