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Together, Jeramy and Jerusha have written three books, including I Gave Dating a Chance.

In recent years, “dating” has become a dirty word in many Christian circles.

Don’t Get Burned by Your Choice of Date (or Mate)Everyone who wants to date or get married is looking for someone who’s “hot.” In the language of the world, “hot” refers to someone who is sexy or attractive.

But according to Jeramy Clark, author of the bestseller I Gave Dating a Chance, and his wife and coauthor Jerusha Clark, a new definition of the word can provide you with an easy-to-use standard for applying God’s wisdom in one of the most challenging areas of your life.

So dirty, in fact, that young believers are now encouraged simply not to date.

This position has provoked an open debate among teens, their parents and youth workers, and single adults.

Soon, we suddenly found ourselves having the virtues of something called “courting” extolled as the proper method of relationships for the Christian youth, with the concept of dating becoming something of a pariah in the wake of the release.

DISCOVER THE SECRET TO HEALTHY DATING AND MARRIAGEDEVELOP A BIBLICAL STRATEGY FOR CHOOSING THE “RIGHT” PERSON–AS A DATE, OR AS A HUSBAND OR WIFE. (holy, outrageous, trustworthy), and see how you can develop the qualities that will both please the Lord and attract the man or woman of your dreams in He’s H.

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