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Ihanaa päästä vähän ulkoilemaan kaiken tän sisällä istumisen jälkeen! Tänään aamulla sain vihdoin lähetettyä vaihtohakemukset Singaporeen.

Luontopolulta jatkettiin Elenalle ja pelattiin Muuttuvaa Labyrinttiä. Mut on Vaasan yliopiston puolesta jo hyväksytty ja ilmoitettu siihen Singaporen kouluun, mutta prosessiin kuuluu vielä itse sinne kouluun hakeminen tämän lisäksi. Yhteensä viisi liitettä loppujen lopuksi oli siinä sähköpostissa, jonka Singaporeen lähetin.

Before we get started, please watch the above video-you might want to pause at if you want to solve it yourself. Here we identify the problem as mixed integer non-linear program (MINLP).

To attempt this problem in Julia, you will have to install the provides an algebraic modeling language for dealing with mathematical optimization problems. We know that because the problem involves an integer number of fish tanks, sharks, and number of fish inside each tank.

We were also treated to a song and poem from the wonderful voice of Amy Leon.

On to the awards – and first was the Amnesty-CILIP Honour – which is decided from among the 8 books on each shortlist.

Basically, that allows you to focus on describing your problem in a simple syntax and it would then take care of transforming that description in a form that can be handled by any number of . Each SECTOR has anywhere from 1 to 7 sharks, with no two sectors having the same number of sharks. It also non-linear (quadratic to be exact) because it involves multiplying two two of the problem variables to get the total number or creatures.

Those solvers can deal with several types of optimization problems, and some solvers are more generic than others. Looking at the table of solvers in the Ju MP manual. This problem might have been an overkill for using a full blown mixed integer non-linear optimizer.

Eilen kuitenkin päätin lähteä Elenan ja Vilma-koiran seuraksi kävelemään Paimion luontopolun läpi.

Before the official award ceremony, there was the opportunity to mingle with authors and illustrators (many of whom were pleased to sign my CKG poster – which is now a very special piece of paper!

) The formal ceremony was expertly compered by Cerrie Burnell, familiar to lots of the children in the room (and parents).

As she said “I didn’t start out wanting to write a story with a message, I wanted to tell the stories that haven’t been told.” Each of these awards was followed by a short film of children talking about the books, and what they meant to them – both were very moving and emphasised how illustrated and written by Lane Smith.

This American writer and illustrator made everyone laugh when he talked about how his career started – and when he realised that many of the illustrators he most looked up to were British.

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As this year marks a ’round’ anniversary for both of these awards, I thought it worth a post (and am hoping to encourage someone with a closer connection to the process will write something for the Libraries Taskforce too! This annual event (full details of all books featured, on this link) is always a pure celebration of books for children – and a means of thanking authors, publishers, teachers, librarians and of course, the children for whom all this material is produced.

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