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Christy Chung" data-reactid="26"According to several Chinese news sources, sparks flew between Chinese-Canadian actress Christy Chung and Kwok after they filmed a music video together in the 90s.Despite Chung being quite open about attending her ex-boyfriend’s concerts back then, they eventually broke up after a few years.Read the full story: There’s only one confirmed relationship of Eun-Ji till now. Bum, who was also designated as ‘Eun-Ji’ immediate boyfriend, is a very famous South Korean actor/ model and singer. However, their love affair dissolved in 2013 after their break up.Neither Eun- ji nor Bum revealed the reason behind their breakup.‘Trot Lovers’ star Jung Eun-Ji is a renowned South Korean actress who has millions of fans following from around the world.She is not just a gorgeous woman, but also a very talented actress and singer.

Na Eun didn't look so pleased about what she learned and just said, "I knew it." During Na Eun's interview she opened up about how she felt saying, "I knew it. When Eun-Ji was waving at the reporters in the airport, a stranger who was standing beside her started waving as well. Eun-Ji made an acting debut in 2012 after appearing in ‘Reply 1997’ drama.To that, Eun-Ji jokingly referred him as her boyfriend. Eun-Ji has been very serious about her career since the beginning.They met on the set of a music video in 2006, and although he never publicly confirmed their relationship, Hung was widely regarded as “Mrs Aaron Kwok”.They ended their relationship in 2013, and Hung is now married to businessman Ken Kwok, the brother of Hong Kong-based actress, Kenix Kwok.

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