Radajaxmanager not updating radgrid

Under Rad Grid we have further defined the following: This defines all the client side events, if any.Here, we have defined On Row Click event which is fired at the client side when we click any of the Rad Grid row.

In the Need Data Source i update the Data Source properly but the new Data Source is not shown in my Grid. In your code on button click, you are calling Rebind() method which will again invoke Need Data Source event and populate the Rad Grid with the Same data...

This error means that the element can only be present on the web.config placed on the top level folder of an application dir.

In my situation I had a website(as opposed to a project) underneath another website.

If entire Telerik demo website not working on Firefox 64 bit, its a shame if not anything else. Instead, Telerik provides Java Script wrappers for their controls. I will say it again, JQuery api would not work as expected with Telerik Controls.

In this case to update the value of the first name text box we have to use the following Java Script. Imagine, how you will show/hide, enable/disable the text box.

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