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Torrent use Bittorrent protocol which is has several advantages over traditional client server file sharing.

In spite of this many user complain of slower speed when using torrent compared to direct HTTP/FTP download.

Peer: A computer that takes part in upload or download of a torrent. Tracker: A server that coordinates sharing between seeders and leechers. Open this file with your bittorrent client and then the actual file will be downloaded.

There are 2 types of peers: Leecher: A peer having partial file(some pieces). Bittorrent Client: Most operating systems do not have the capability to download torrents by default. There are many options: u Torrent, Bit Torrent, Vuze and Transmission. Fact: Bittorrent protocol was designed by Bram Cohen in 2001.

Bittorrent is a distributed protocol in which there is no central server having file.

Then see Establishing a Build Environment for installation instructions by operating system.Fake servers have different motivations – some return results filled with malware Some people call any type of malicious software a "computer virus," but that isn't accurate.Viruses, worms, and trojans are different types of malicious software with different behaviors. Fake servers often return search results full of garbled, nonsensical, or empty files.It also has a "Preview Download Mode" in which all pieces of the torrent will be, basically, downloaded sequentially thus allowing the user to play a media file while downloading (provided that the downloading speed and piece availability stay ahead of playing bitrate).Bit Comet also allows users to share their .torrent files, on a searchable P2P network, with other Bit Comet users through the torrent sharing feature, named "Torrent Share" in previous versions and renamed to "Torrent Exchange" since v.1.17.

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User having a piece can upload it to others and download pieces he/she does not have from others.

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