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The Eponym dating system was a calendar system for Assyria, for a period of over one thousand years.

Every year was associated with the name, an eponym, of the Limmu, the individual holding office.

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Loveandfriends Ltd is 100% committed to fair, genuine, non adult/casual and scammer/spammer free dating.

As such these members are specifically responsible for the legality of all content within their sites - in terms of copyright as well as other applicable laws such as libel, racial discrimination, public decency, etc.

Loveandfriends does not pre-vet content on affiliated sites as it would be infeasible to do so, in the same manner that Facebook, My Space, other dating networks and other platform providers, etc are not able to pre-vet content. Loveandfriends will render all help necessary under requirements of the law and promptly process claims against any site(s) attached to its network but specifically denies liability for the content of these sites as it is provided by third parties who can upload it without permission from Loveandfriends Ltd 8.

As such, the DMCA provides "Safe harbour" provisions that keep a site from being sued for copyright infringement by users of the site.

Although Loveandfriends Ltd is a UK based company - we aim to satisfy DMCA requirements as we believe that in doing so we also satisfy UK requirements and our own desire to be "Good corporate citizens" 3.

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